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2008 Oklahoma & Florida available for free download. See link on this page.


Bowl Bound Solitaire Game

For Mays Bowl Bound Charts

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You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. You can get a free download here.

2002 Ohio State & Miami (Florida)

2003 Miami (Ohio), Miami (Florida) & Army

2004 USC, Oklahoma & Auburn (pre-bowl special charts)

2005 Texas & USC (pre-bowl special charts)

2006 Ohio State & Florida (pre-bowl special charts) also includes 2006 Army/Navy charts

2007 Ohio State & LSU (pre-bowl special charts)

2008 Florida & Oklahoma (pre-bowl special charts)

The latest copy of the Bowl Bound Rules (Thank you August Helmbright!)

Bowl Bound Priority Chart

My Favorite Links

An updated version of Victory Chain Linker: A great end all debate clincher, that can show almost any team is better than another, as long as the bad team has at least one win and the good team has at least one loss. It works for college football and college basketball.

Proof that Victory Chain Linker works: Shows that 2014 Vanderbilt (3-9) is better than 2014 Alabama (12-2).

Odd Man Games: Includes a Windows-based version of Bowl Bound and Paydirt available for purchase. This site was created by the late Matt Floray and is maintained by Joe Rody.

Pro Football Reference.com: This is one of the best references for pro football stats I have found on the internet and it is also easy to use.

James Howell's College Football Yearly Rankings Page

The Helmet Project: Every pro & college football helmet, even historical

James Howell's College Football Historical Scores - Alphabetically by Team

STASSEN.COM College Football Information: You gotta check out the Major Team Win/Loss Database

What If Sports.com: A cool simulation site for NFL, NBA, NHL & NCAA Basketball games


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Bowl Bound season sets available in PDF format

Printed Bowl Bound season sets available for order

Bowl Bound individual teams available in PDF format

Bowl Bound & Paydirt charts planned for development

Paydirt season sets available in PDF format

Printed Paydirt season sets available for order

Paydirt individual teams available in PDF format

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Bowl Bound solitaire & season play game